Many of her fans have called her the Mexican “Claudia Cardinale”. But Monika Sanchez has no comparisons. Her natural beauty and talent have made Sanchez one of the most recognised sop opera stars of her native Mexico. Because of her father’s diplomatic career, she grew up in different parts of the world, enabling her to learn three languages: English, Italian, and of course, her native Spanish. From very early on her parents nurtured her ambitions by enrolling her in ballet lessons (Barcelona), modelling and acting. (The Play House and in the Community College of Florida). During the time she lived in Miami, she participated as en extra in the movie “The Money Pit” and in the popular TV series “Miami Vice”.  Sanchez was also casted for many Latin commercials and as runway model for the prestigious store Neiman Marcus.

Once she return permanently to Mexico City, Monika decided to fully pursue a career as an actress. She studied in the well known University Iberoamericana and with the prestigious actor Sergio Jimenez. Televisa, the world’s largest Spanish-language station open the doors to this exotic beauty an enrol her in their recognised acting school “Star System” and CEA, were Monika began a rigid artistic training that involved: acting, modelling, speech coaching, dance, singing, gymnastics, horse back riding, theatre lab, radio. Not to long had pass when she landed her first role in the soap opera  “La Picara Soñadora” (1992) and many more follow like “Corazon Salvaje”(1993), “Alondra” (1994), “Tu y yo” (1996). Then Monika got the break she needed with the role of a sexy villain in the telenovela “Pueblo Chico, Infierno Grande” (1997) starring opposite famous Mexican soap opera star Veronica Castro. After this Monika became the antagonist that every producer wanted to cast in their soap.

Monika’s popularity with the viewers also grew quickly and soon she was the most fervently adored villain in Mexico. The mixture of her sweetness and seduction had never been seen before in a villain. She continue her great success in television with “El Diaro de Daniela” (1998) and “Laberintos de Pasion” (1999).  The next  year the Mexican television critics gave Monika the recognition of “ best villain of the year 2000” for her wonderful work during the past months. In 2001 Sanchez decided that she wanted audiences to see her remarkable versatility and played the role of a fragile woman who dies out of love in the novela “Salome” (2002). Then, the actress once again return to prove her capability at playing a soft character in “La Otra” (2003) and in “Apuesta por un Amor” (2005) were her audience still today can’t forget the enchanting character she played of “La Mariposa” (butterfly), fallowing “Amar Sin Limites” (2006-7). She then took a break to study in the prestigios acting school of Marger Harber in LA. Then back to “Al Diablo Con Los Guapos” (2008). Then she hosted ¨Viva la Familia¨ in the USA and returned to the tv series like Ämores Verdaderos¨ (2012) where she gat hi ratings with her main character, after that was ¨Libre para Amarte¨(2013), ¨La Gata¨ with another big villain, and just recently ¨Tres Veces Ana¨(2016).  All of this Tv series had a great impact in all over Europe and Asia, being translated in to different languages, for this reason Monika was invited to receive different awards in many countries,

Monika also stepped into the big screen with films like “En el aire” (1992) and “La hija del Canibal” (2003), a short film in (2008) “Un Dia De Suerte” and “Malinche” in (2009), ¨Juan Diego¨  (2014) Spain production,  ¨La Señora Elegante in the Usa (2014), ¨Heroes de la Comunidad¨ (2014) where she got very positive reviews for her performances.

But her acclaim is not limited to the world of television and film, as she has also found great success in various stage productions like “Mi quinto Amor”(1992), “Bajo las Sabanas” (1996).

In 2000 the Mexican press rewarded Monika for her incredible performance on theatre with “Revelacion Juvenil del año 2000” and the acknowledgment “Mari Cruz Olivier”. The actress maintain strong stage performances in plays like “El precio de la Fama” (2000), “Mujeres frente al espejo” (2002), “Me enamore de una bruja” (2003), “Las Alas Del Pez” (National Award) 2009 with the prestigious Mexican Company “Bellas Artes”, also ¨Un Extrano Laberinto¨ and the public continue to fall in love with her.

After the great success in the show “Three Times Ana” Monika ventured into the world of dubbing for the well known show “Agents of Shields” “Grace Anatomy” and “Criminal Minds” Later she moved to Chicago to study at the Vagabond School of Arts, and she participate in theater with Garcia Lorca recital.
Today she lives in Zurich where we can listen to her on Radio Lora with the program “Illustrious Characters”

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